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As a sideman

Taulant Mehmeti: Song To My Brother

Playears, 2019

Album info:

Taulant Mehmeti - guitars
Ingrid Jensen - trumpet
Keefe Martin - trumpet
Sergej Avanesov - tenor saxophone
Marko Churnchetz - Hammond B3 organ
Connor Parks - drums

Samo Šalamon: Free Sessions, Vol. 2: Freequestra

Klopotec Records, 2019

Album info:

Samo Šalamon – guitar, conductor
Matija Krečič – violin 
Boštjan Simon – tenor saxophone, electronics 
Achille Succi – bass clarinet, alto saxophone
Žiga Murko – trombone, electronics 
Domen Gnezda – guitar, electronics
Vitja Balžalorsky – guitar, electronics
Marko Churnchetz – piano
Goran Krmac - tuba
Bojan Krhlanko – drums, electronics
Jaka Berger – drums, electronics

Tadej Kampl: Habits


Album info:

Tadej Kampl - acoustic and electric bass
Igor Lumpert - tenor saxophone
Marko Churnchetz - piano
Jonathan Barber - drums 
Josh Evans - trumpet

Ivan Baryshnikov Quartet: Journey

Music Space NYC, 2018

Album info:

Ivan Baryshnikov - tenor saxophone & compositions
Marko Churnchetz - piano 
Ryan Berg - acoustic and electric bass
Samvel Sarkisyan - drums 
Hiske Oosterwijk - vocals
Mark Evich - vocals

Matej Hotko Trio: The Roots

B.A.S.E., 2018

Album info:

Matej Hotko - doublebass 
Marko Churnchetz - piano 
Gašper Bertoncelj - drums 

Jan Sturiale: Roadmaps

DrawTheLine Records, 2017

Album info:

Jan Sturiale - guitar 
Jure Pukl - tenor saxophone 
Marko Churnchetz - piano and Fender Rhodes 
Miha Koren - bass 
Klemens Marktl - drums 

Nesim Maxhuni: Homecoming

Dit' E Nat', 2017

Album info:

Nesim Maxhuni - drums, composition
Jure Pukl - tenor saxophone
Armend Xhaferi - guitar
Marko Churnchetz - piano
Kiril Tufukcievski - upright bass 

Jean John / Žan Tetičkovič: The Port Of Life

ZKP RTV Slovenija, 2016

Album info:

Žan Tetičkovič (Jean John) - drums and cymbals, composition
Alba Nachinovich - vocals
Lenart Krečič - tenor saxophone
Tomaž Gajšt - trumpet and flugelhorn
Jani Moder - guitar
Marko Churnchetz - piano and Fender Rhodes
Myles Sloniker - upright bass 

Janus Atelier String Quartet

Matija Krečič - 1st violin
Nejc Avbelj - 2nd violin
Barbara Grahor - viola
Zoran Bičanin - cello

Žiga Murko - electronics

Miro Kadoić: Endless Summer

Aquarius Records, 2016

Album info:

Miro Kadoić – alto & soprano saxophone, composition
Marko Črnčec – piano
Nikola Matošić – double bass
Matthias Daneck – drums & xylophone
Matjaž Mikuletič – trombone
Pavle Jovanović – guitar
Aljoša Mutić – tenor saxophone

Jan Sturiale: Two Roads

DrawTheLine Records, 2016

Album info:

Jan Sturiale - guitar 
Marko Churnchetz - piano and fender rhodes 
Audun Waage - trumpet 
Joe Sanders - bass 
Ziv Ravitz - drums 

Vladimir Kostadinovic: The Left Side Of Life

ENJA Records, 2016

Album info:

Vladimir Kostadinovic - drums
Seamus Blake - tenor saxophone
Marko Churnchetz - piano
Joe Sanders - bass

Skyed - Manuel Podhostnik: Curiosity

Self Publishing, 2016

Album info:

Manuel Podhostnik: drums, compositions, programming
Jure Pukl: tenor saxophone
Tomaž Gajšt: trumpet
Marko Churnchetz: piano, Fender Rhodes
Tadej Kampl: electric bass

Jonathan Powell & Nu Sangha: Beacons of Light

Truth Revolution Records, 2015

Album info:

Jonathan Powell: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Chanting, Compositions
Jeremy Powell: Tenor and Soprano Saxophones
Luques Curtis: Acoustic Bass, Chanting
Marko Churnchetz: Grand Piano & Fender Rhodes
Kenny Grohowski: Drums

Special Guests:

John Ellis: Bass Clarinet, producer
Louis Fouche: Alto Saxophone, Chanting
Joe Beaty: Trombone
Yumi Koshigai Powell: Chanting
Karina Curtis: Chanting

Tadej Kampl: Life Is Good

Artomatik, 2015

Album info:

Tadej Kampl: electric bass
Igor Lumpert: tenor saxophone
Marko Churnchetz: grand piano & Fender Rhodes
Justin Brown: drums

Special guests:

Jure Pukl: tenor saxophone
Lenart Krečič: tenor saxophone


Miro Kadoić: Human Link

Aquarius Records, 2015

Album info:

Miro Kadoić: alto & soprano saxophone
Matjaž Mikuletič: trombone 
Blaž Jurjevčič: piano (1,2,6 & 9)
Marko Črnčec: piano (3,4,5,7 & 8)
Nikola Matošić: double bass
Mathiass Daneck: drums
Ivan Kapec: guitar (2,3 & 6) 
Goga Kovačić: vocals  (6)

Lea Sirk: Roža

Self publishing, 2014

Album info:

Lea Sirk: vocals, songwriting
Anže Langus Petrović: bass, songwriting
Jure Rozman: drums
Boštjan Grabnar: keyboards
Marko Črnčec: keyboards
Robert Pikl: guitars
Gaber Radojevič: producer

Jani Moder's Brain Blender: Abacus

ZKP RTV Slovenija, 2014

Album info:

Jani Moder: electric and acoustic guitars
Marko Črnčec: Fender Rhodes, grand piano
Robert Jukič: acoustic bass guitar
Klemens Marktl: drums and percussion

Special guests:

Vid Ušeničnik: marimba, bells, percussion 
Cene Resnik: tenor saxophone 
Igor Matković: trumpet 
Lenart Krečič: tenor saxophone

Stefan Milenkovich & Marko Hatlak feat. Marko Črnčec & Luka Herman Gaiser: Tango Compas

Klopotec, 2014

Stefan Milenkovich: violin

Marko Hatlak: accordion

Marko Črnčec: grand piano

Luka Herman Gaiser: contrabass

Nana Milčinski: Od tod do vesolja


Album info:

Nana Milčinski: vocals
Femi Temowo: guitar, arranger, producer

Marko Črnčec: piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboards
Robert Jukič: electric bass
Vladimir Kostadinovič/Sergej Ranđelović: drums
Gregor Gruden, Gregor Strasbergar, Eva Gorenc,
Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar: backing vocals

Big band RTV Slovenija
Symphonic orchestra RTV Slovenija

guest appearance by the vocal group Bee Geesus
and Klemen Slakonja

Mathias Ruppnig: The Spinning

Session Work Records, 2013

Album info:

Jure Pukl: tenor & soprano saxophone
Jan Balaz: alto saxophone & bass clarinet
Marko Črnčec: piano
Robert Jukič: acoustic bass
Mathias Ruppnig: drums & compositions

Aphra Tesla Operating System: Home In The Zone

Celinka, 2013

Album info:

Aphra Tesla: vocals
Marko Churnchetz: piano
Nino Mureškič: percussion

Katja Koren: Veš, kaj mislim?

Celinka, 2012

Album info:

Katja Koren: vocals, lyrics
Marko Črnčec: keyboards, music, producer
Žiga Stanonik: guitars
Igor Bezget: guitars
Matej Hotko: bass
Žiga Kožar: drums
Blaž Korez: percussion

Igor Matković : Sonic Motion

Celinka, 2012

Album info:

Igor Matković: trumpet, fluegelhorn, effects
Marko Črnčec: Fender Rhodes
Robert Jukič: bass
Vladimir Kostadinović: drums

Maja Keuc: Indigo

Reflektor Music, 2011

Igor Bezget: Pangea

Sensor Records, 2005

Album info:

Igor Bezget: guitar, sarod, oud
Marko Crncec: keyboards
Tadej Kampl: electric bass
Mihael Parushev: drums
Blaz Korez: percussion
Sharat Shrivastava Chandra: violin
Gyan Singh: tabla
Grega Kozar: alto saxophone
Igor Lumpert, Cene Resnik: tenor saxophone
Matjaz Albreht: baritone saxophone, vibraphone
Tomaz Gajst, Jernej Senegacnik, Igor Matkovic: trumpet
Branko Mrak, Jure Mejak: trombones
Damir Visic: sarod
Bajsa Arifovska: kaval
Ratko Dautavski: tapan
Alex Rogers Jahbong: rap vocals
David Matiqui: beatbox & schratching vocals
Damir Mazrek, Tadej Furlan, Andrej Hrvatin: percussion

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